Locked in interview time slot with Pat Walls for 24hr TV! Helped @Shahroozme with streaming audio setup Set up iShowU to capture audio for stream #MakerDotRocks Re-did streaming setup in OBS #MakerDotRocks Made toilet break screen 😂 #MakerDotRocks Made getting food screen #MakerDotRocks Made secret stuff screen #MakerDotRocks EXAMS ARE OVER!! Made Twitch stream title EMOJI CAPSLOCK 😅 #MakerDotRocks Wrote Twitch panels!! #MakerDotRocks I have better internet speeds for the stream this time, going do it at 2mbps because of usage limits #MakerDotRocks 4/5 exams done! 😅 2/5 exams done! 💪 Maker.rocks Twitter account is at 56 followers already!! #MakerDotRocks More sneak peek hype tweeting https://twitter.com/Booligoosh/status/1062585822719836161?s=19 #MakerDotRocks Had a great conversation with Mo about maker.rocks profiles #MakerDotRocks Going to bed at 9:30pm 😱 (exams tomorrow) 🤔 At least 5 people have said they can't wait for their profile or they want to reserve their URL. Do you think I should make a pre-release list where you can lock in your spot? The only problem is how I'd sign them all up during the stream (manually would be annoying) 🤔 #MakerDotRocks Sent an email to Product Hunt about using their API commercially sort of (if they say no then I just won't monetize) #MakerDotRocks Commenced feature sneak peak hype-tweeting! 🔥🤘 https://twitter.com/Booligoosh/status/1062257989803900928 #MakerDotRocks Well uh booligooshdb.xyz is now a thing thanks to @matteing 🤣

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