Test smooth-dnd library but decided to stick with my current setup (https://github.com/kutlugsahin/smooth-dnd) #KanbanMail Sent test email from Mailchimp #CodeTheWeb Pasted code for email into MailChimp #CodeTheWeb Finalized email footer #CodeTheWeb Added subject & preview fields to newsletter issues table #CodeTheWeb Here's what the last sent version of my newsletter would have looked like if it was auto-generated with my script + new design #CodeTheWeb Filled in all the info from issue 7 (the last issue I sent) to see how it would look in the new auto-generated newsletter format #CodeTheWeb Got dynamic issue metadata working!! #CodeTheWeb Added dynamic date, issue number, start text and end text to newsletter template #CodeTheWeb Created a function to format the date and issue number nicely using the data from Airtable #CodeTheWeb Renamed articles table #CodeTheWeb Set up issue metadata fields as issue_num, date, start_html & end_html #CodeTheWeb Created issues table in newsletter Airtable base #CodeTheWeb Made email header responsive #CodeTheWeb Updated email header design #CodeTheWeb Made articles automatically end up in sections in the newsletter generator #CodeTheWeb Got un-cropped article image centering working #CodeTheWeb Updated newsletter item design #CodeTheWeb Made an image cropper in the newsletter snipper #CodeTheWeb Created an image-crop field for the newsletter maker #CodeTheWeb Decided on all the language tag colors for emails #CodeTheWeb Made nice console.logs which show the progress of the email generator #CodeTheWeb Got the email generator to convert the final HEML filled with data to HTML and write it to a file #CodeTheWeb Got email generator to fill the Liquid HEML template with Airtable data #CodeTheWeb Added Liquid tags to HEML email template to make it dynamic #CodeTheWeb Got email generator to fetch data from Airtable #CodeTheWeb Created code-the-web-weekly-generator Node.js environment #CodeTheWeb Made newsletter email template responsive #CodeTheWeb Submitted KanbanMail for re-verification by Google (everyone has to do that because of new tighter API standards) #KanbanMail I'M BACK 😎

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