Made a nice home screen icon 😍 #KanbanMail Generated new site icons with! 🎉 #KanbanMail Changed “Don’t have an account?” to “Create an account” on login page #KanbanMail Changed “Sign in” to “Log in” on /login so it doesn’t get confused with “Sign up” #KanbanMail The new sign up flow for KanbanMail is live!!! Now you can just sign up with your Gmail / Outlook account instead of the old, much more tedious process! 🎉 I think this will reduce bounces by a lot.#KanbanMail Point "Don't have an account?" button on login page to the signup page, not the pricing page #KanbanMail Added "this is most likely because your free trial has ended" and a "contact support" button to no-account page #KanbanMail Only redirect to no-account page if the response from createUser is TRIAL_ALREADY_FINISHED #KanbanMail Call createUser if verifyUser failed on the auth-process page #KanbanMail Added a test file for createUser cloud function #KanbanMail Added the TRIAL_ALREADY_FINISHED code back to the createUser cloud function #KanbanMail Blur and disable sign up buttons when the T&Cs checkbox is not checked #KanbanMail Started on new signup flow!! You'll be able to sign in straight with Gmail/Outlook instead of entering the right email address and THEN signing in, meaning less people will type in the wrong email or abandon #KanbanMail Don’t set stripeMetadata defaults in Stripe as well because it’s pointless and creates more requests + bugs, only set them on the frontend #KanbanMail Disable ⌘S save popup because the user will never need to save the page as an HTML file and might press it by accident which would be annoying for them #KanbanMail Fetch new email objects immediately after saving as draft so the draft shows up in the drafts area #KanbanMail Show “successfully saved as draft” instead of “successfully sent” after saving as draft 🤦‍♂️ #KanbanMail Added ⌘S shortcut to save as draft (and added tooltip to button) #KanbanMail Added proper focus states to email composer elements #KanbanMail Added nice hover/focus state to send button 😍 #KanbanMail Got confirmation that the critical bug where nothing was working for someone is fixed!!!! 🎉 #KanbanMail Load different sized background images (resized with in web app so they don’t take forever to load if the user chooses a massive image #KanbanMail Set secondary column in Stripe customers view to the new "api" field that I added #KanbanMail Save API being used to Stripe metadata so I can get stats on how many people are using Gmail vs. Outlook #KanbanMail Added proper tabindexes to email composer so you can now create and send emails even faster, with zero mouse movements!! 🚀⚡⌨️ #KanbanMail

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